Vibration training helps Arizona woman dance at her 100th house party

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vibration training

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Here’s a feel-good story that will make everyone want to stand up and cheer. Or, better yet dance.

Chris James, a personal trainer who owns Vimtrim in Chandler, Ariz., helped an older client reach an extraordinary goal recently employing a 3G Cardio Vibration Training machine.

Irene, a citizen of Gilbert, Ariz., could not only stand up at her 100th party in December, 2015 but in addition then enjoyed a celebratory dance with your ex trainer.

“Irene hired me when she was 99,” Chris explained. “Her goal would have been to be able to stand up by her 100th birthday celebration.

“I trained her for approximately four months. I was nervous initially, quite frankly. She was 99 and pretty unsteady after i started working with her.”

“At 99 years of age, I was limited to a wheelchair,” said Irene, a resident of Gilbert, Arizona. “Chris James at Vimtrim, and the use of the (3G Cardio) vibration machine, made it possible for me at A hundred years old to use a walker just to walk around my neighborhood.”
During two sessions every week for 10 minutes apiece, Chris had Irene exercise on a 3G Cardio 3.0 Vibration Machine while he closely spotted her. The vibrations, even within an extremely low setting, helped her quads and core strengthen after a while. She performed basic exercises for example squats and calf raises as Chris spotted her.

“At 99 yrs . old, I was limited to a wheelchair,” Irene said. “Chris James at Vimtrim, along with the use of the (3G Cardio) vibration machine, have made it possible for me at 100 years old to use a walker to steer around my neighborhood.”

More and more people every day are embracing accelerated vibration practicing great fitness and health results. 3G Cardio is amongst the leading brands on earth for these incredible machines which might be used by everyone from pro athletes, to rehab patients and, yes, even 100-year-olds.

vibration training

A current “Men’s Journal” article really shined a good spotlight on vibration training and explained the way it operates. Vibration machines produce G-forces that can cause the muscles to answer the instability and contract thousands of times per minute while somebody exercises on the platform.

The result is a workout that’s easier in your joints and ligaments than traditional weight training, but one that forces the body to become leaner to deal with the constant force.

“Simulated G-forces could also help build bone density, boost circulation, and improve balance,” the Men’s Journal article reported, adding that vibration platforms in addition have proven effective in helping people with osteoporosis and muscular disorders.

“Irene loved the 3G Cardio machine,” Chris said. “She couldn’t wait in working order. About two weeks before her party, she got to the point where she could stand - and not stand, but stand up from a seated position several times 100 percent without assistance.”

Chris made Irene a fun promise early on during a training session.

“I told her, ‘If you’re able to stand up, I’ll dance with you at your 100th party,’” Chris said. “I went along to the party and danced along with her in front of all her relatives and buddies. It was a great moment. There’s a relevant video of it.”

Irene deserves a a lot of open credit for achieving this amazing goal.

Chris also made certain to praise 3G Cardio’s top-ranked, award-winning vibration machines, that are an important part of his own workouts and programs for clients of nearly all ages.

“I truly just like the 3G Cardio Vibration Machines, specifically people with a limited flexibility, or who want to isolate certain muscle groups,” Chris said. “It provides a great way to stimulate the muscles for a number of people who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to.”

Chris James, an old body builder, has been utilized in the fitness sell for nearly 20 years and has owned VimTrim Personal Training since 2011. As opposed to focusing on body building or athletic training similar to most personal trainers, Chris has a special interest in working together with rehabilitation, senior citizens and women that are pregnant. Check out his website at or email him at